Getting to Vienna

Whether by train or by plane, by car, by bus or by ship on the Danube – many paths lead to Vienna.

By Train

Travel to Vienna in comfort and in an environmentally friendly way by train. Numerous international and national train services guarantee a quick and easy ...

Air travel

With Austrian Airlines, Vienna can be reached from 130 destinations worldwide, and about one third of these lie in Central and Eastern Europe. From overseas, Austrian flies to Vienna non-stop from the USA, Canada, China and Thailand. The airline is renowned for its high service standards, reliability and hospitality.

Eco-Friendly Travel to Vienna

At the time of the Vienna World's Fair in 1873, Vienna was considered the railroad hub for international rail traffic in Europe. And these days, too, the city is fully integrated into the continent’s rail networks: Wien Hauptbahnhof – the capital's main station – is the largest night train hub in the EU. So now there really is nothing preventing visitors from going sustainable all the way.